Welcome to the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

The Department of Geological Sciences is now the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences! This new name better reflects the breadth of research and courses in our department.

2016-2017 Weather Club 

The Weather Club at IU is back for another round, with their first meeting on September 7 at 7pm in Geology rm 426. The elected officials this year are

  • President Bret Walts
  • Vice President Faith Groff, and
  • Treasurer Macenzie Ash.

Meetings this semester will feature Broadcast Meteorologist and Storm Chaser Ryan Hoke, and more! Email Bret Walts at for more details! 

Fall 2016 courses

Welcome to our new and returning students! We have some great atmospheric science courses this semester:

  • GEOL-G 340 Physical Meteorology, with Dr. Robeson

  • GEOL-G 434/534 Dynamic Meteorology, with Dr. Staten

  • GEOL-G 144 Extreme Weather and its Impacts, with Dr. Kirkpatrick

Our students are off to great places!

Congratulations to our graduating seniors, Nathan Curtis and Madison Ferrara. Nathan has accepted a graduate research position at University of Alabama Huntsville, where he'll be a TA, and study severe weather. Madison has accepted a position at the University of British Columbia, where he will study air pollution meteorology.

Meanwhile, Faith Groff has begun a Climate REU internship at Penn State, studying the relationship between the North American Monsoon and subtropical high pressure.

Congratulations to Robert Conrick and Nathan Curtis

Recently graduated senior Robert Conrick, and graduating senior Nathan Curtis are the lead authors on a new, peer-reviewed journal article about the wind and temperature gradients across eastern US cold fronts (abstract here). Congratulations!

Spring 2016 brings upper level courses for Atmospheric Science Majors

In addition to Dr. Kirkatrick's Extreme Weather course (G144), Dr. Kieu is teaching Climate Change Science (G476/576), and Dr. Staten is teaching Atmospheric Instrumentation and Remote Sensing (G347/547).

Weather Club members meet Alumni

In Fall 2015, the weather club presidentcy met with the Geological Science Advisory Board. Great job showing our colors!

Weather Club is online

Check out the IU Weather Club (formerly the Atmospheric Science club) website by clicking here. Check back during the semester to update your calendar with upcoming meeting times, and to view student-produced forecasts.

New Atmospheric Science Club presidency announced

Congratulations to Bret Walts, Macenzie Ash, and Faith Elger, on being elected to the Atmospheric Science Club presidency. Bret Walts will take the helm in Fall 2015 as the new club president, assisted by vice president Macenzie Ash. Faith Elger will be acting as treasurer.

Robert Conrick and Nathan Curtis earn best student poster award

Congratulations to Robert Conrick and Nathan Curtis! Their poster, entitled "An analysis of surface gradient relationships during cold front events in the eastern United States: a numerical modeling study," was ranked the best student poster at the American Meteorological Society 23rd Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction.

Fall 2015 Atmospheric Science courses posted

Fall courses in the Geological Sciences include

  • GEOL-G 122 - Introduction to the Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate
  • GEOL-G 339 - Weather Analysis & Forecasting (i.e. Synoptic 1)
  • GEOL-G 364/564 - Dynamic Meteorology 1 (currently listed as Boundary Layer Meteorology; this reflects our former course offerings)

Fall courses in the Geography Department include

  • GEOG-G 109 - Weather & Climate
  • GEOG-G 304/532 - Physical Climatology
  • GEOG-G 488/588 - Applied Spatial Statistics

To see which courses will help you the most, contact Kathy Davis, the Undergraduate Acadamic Advisor for Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. 812-855-239

Xuechang (Shay) Liu to study clouds from space

Shay Liu will join Dr. Staten in Fall 2015 to study clouds via remote sensing.

WIUX broadcasting student forecasts

WIUX, the student run radio station at IU Bloomington, is teaming up with the Atmospheric Science Club to broadcast student-run local weather forecasts.

Zach Moon to study Hurricane Intensification

Starting Spring 2015 with Dr. Kieu, Zach Moon will be studying the influence of the lower stratosphere on hurricane intensity using the WRF-ARW model.

Undergraduates to study cold front winds in the Northeast

With Dr. Staten, Robert Conrick and Nathan Curtis will be studying the relationships between cold front strength and low level winds using the WRF model on Big Red 2.

New Faculty in Spring 2015

Chanh Q. Kieu, from Vietnam National University, will study tropical cyclones. Paul W. Staten, from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will study clouds and atmospheric circulation in a changing climate.